African Blue Basil at Organic Farmer’s market in Coconut Grove

Glazer Farmers MarketThis morning, my daughter and I decided to go into Coconut Grove to buy some locally grown produce, nuts, and sprouted seeds. We wanted to have lunch from the wide array of prepared raw vegan salads that are offered at the Glaser Farmer’s Market.  It is not your typical Coral Gables Farmers market, as it offers so much more.  I had a flashback to my youth as the market hasn’t changed much since the early 80’s. The market includes  healing herbs, meditation demonstrations, jewelry vendors, massage therapists, essential oils, vegan dips, spreads, a raw vegan buffet, seeds, nuts and a multitude of organic vegetables.

African Blue Basil

As we entered the Market a vendor was selling African Blue Basil. This variety of basil (Ocimum kilimandscharicum x basilicum) is one of a few types of basil that is perennial. African blue basil, is unable to produce seeds of its own, but it can be  propagated by cuttings.

African blue basil has a strong camphor  scent, and can interfere with cooking, so I would not recommend to use this in cooking but it has a beautiful cone shape purplish flower that attracts butterflies.  So, it is a wonderful ornamental for your backyard garden.

After talking with this vendor we walked around the market, and picked up some French Lentils, Apple Walnut Cinnamon Muesli, Raw germinated walnuts, avocados, greens and asparagus.  The selection of seeds and nuts is impressive as well as the produce. The prices are well under the prices at Whole Foods, so if you are looking to save a little money I would highly recommend shopping at this market on Saturdays. This market is every Saturday, so mark your calendars.

After shopping we had a scrumptious lunch of, organic baby greens, garlic kale , stuffed mushrooms with vegan pesto and the most incredible raw asparagus salad.  There is much to choose from, including vegan wraps, fresh squeezed juices, raw fruit pies and other sweets. Glaser’s foods are prepared in their own certified kitchen and uses the ingredients grown on their farm as well as other local organic farmers ingredients.

seeds and nuts at Glazers Glaser’s organic farmer’s market in Coconut grove, is a must for anyone, who enjoys fresh organic, locally grown produce.  Every Saturday for the last 26 years, Glaser’s Organic farmers market has been selling their produce, raw vegan ice cream, raw fruit pies,  fresh juices, pickled delights and  more.

Come rain or shine, under the live oaks at 3300 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove. Glaser’s organic  Farmers Market is open for business between 10:30am-7:00pm

If you would like to learn more about Glaser Organic Farms, check out their website.

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